Kahoot It!

This blog post is going to focus on Kahoot It! A fun formative assessment to use with your students!

In Kahoot you can create quizzes or search for quizzes that are already made by other teachers. The students can use any device to answer the questions on the quiz. They can go to kahoot.it or download the free app. Students are given a game code and can log in to the quiz. They put in their name or if you want to give them privacy, a number earlier assigned. Once everyone is in, start the quiz. After each question, it will give the students points based on how fast they answered correctly. Those who answered wrong will not receive points.

After you finish a quiz, you can download a spreadsheet of the results that will show you how each student answered the questions.

Links you will need for using Kahoot:
To create an account: getkahoot.com
To log in and create a new kahoot: create.kahoot.it
For students to take the quiz: kahoot.it

Best part – as usual – It is free!

Below is a quick tutorial on how to use Kahoot with your students.


Welcome back to school! I know the blog has not updated in a while due to the crazy end of school. I have a few post now written and they will update on Mondays.

Today the site we are going to look at is TACKK. It is a simple way to make an online poster, website, or just a great place to share information. Tackks can be used in so many ways, by teachers and students. I have created a Tackk of how to use Tackk! Take you time a scroll through it below!

**the parent permission form does not show up here, but if you click on the black bar it will take you to the site and it will be there**

Can’t you just imagine all the great ways that Tackk can be used?! I can see it as a great starting point for PBL activities, a place to post a video to get students excited about it, store links to get them started in the right direction, and even could be their presentation. When you use it with your students, we would love to see their work! And as always, if you have any questions, we love to help!

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