Adobe Spark Video – No More Boring Slideshows!

Have you ever had a student create a slideshow? Usually they have too many words on a page and crazy color schemes. Many of our students have trouble putting what they know into words, but they are able to tell us about it verbally or with pictures. Adobe Spark Video is perfect for allowing them to use their voice as well as short sentences and pictures to show their learning.

Here is an example of a slide show I created in less than 20 minutes.

The website, has many examples of ways people have used the program. There are 3 parts to the program, Spark Page, Spark Post, and Spark Video. All of these can be done on a desktop, chromebook, or by adding the app on an iPad. The accounts are free and can log in with your account. Students can easily share a link or download the finished video when done.

Next post, I will be bringing to you more information about Page and Post.

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Amanda Dykes is one of the Instructional Technology Coaches for Jefferson County

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