5 Ways To Use Google Forms in Your Classroom – With Students Edition

Last post was we looked at how Google Forms can keep you organized. Now we are going to look how to use them with students.

A reminder from last post:  The best thing about Google Forms are that they put all information into a Google Sheet (spreadsheet). Once information is in there, you can manipulate it to sort, use formulas, merge, and using add-ons grade automatically. Also know that website like bit.ly will allow you to customize and shorten links for students to get your forms faster! QR codes will also work, but they will need a reader on their devices.

So here are just 5 ways we can use Google Forms. I probably could make a list of 20. Just remember, anything you have students fill out on paper, you could have them fill out here. And think of all the copies you would save!

Self Grading Quizzes or Exit Slips
Using the add on in sheets “Flubaroo” you can create a Self-Grading Quiz or Exit Slip. Anything that is multiple choice will grade itself. If you have a mixed test that has both multiple choice and short answer you can tell it you want to manually grade the short answer questions. Flubaroo also will highlight the questions missed most often and the students with a failing grade will turn red. You can email students their results too. To see the students’ grades, click the “grade” tab at the bottom of the spread sheet. 

Here is a video of how to use Flubaroo: http://bit.ly/1WnFeGH 
Here is an example of the form: http://bit.ly/1QcKzzu 
Here is an example of the spreadsheet with the results: http://bit.ly/1RXGSyS

 Turning in Assignments
If you are not using Google Classroom or Edmodo, having kids turn in assignments that are done online can be a headache or fill up your inbox. Have students turn in by copying and pasting links into a form. Now when it is time for you to grade them, you have a nice spreadsheet with all links organized.

Math Data for Lessons (Daily Data)
If you do daily data for your class, this is a great way to get information. Also, it is a great way to use technology in a 1 or 2 computer classroom. Have the daily or weekly question up on the computers and the students can answer while unpacking in the morning. Once students answer the questions you can run a report in Sheets and see what they answered. Have students answer questions about the results.

Reading Logs and Journals
Getting reading logs or journals to and from school can be your biggest stress at times. With a digital one, either made for each student or you can sort just one, you have a log for the entire year and those students who can’t keep up with the paper now have other ways to send it in. You can also get the parents to input a special code if you are worried about signatures.

Bookmarks and Bibliographies
When students are doing research it is sometimes hard for them to keep up with bookmarks or a list of all the sources they used. If they each made their own form, they can just input the links as they find them. Also, have them record the facts they found on that site. (As long as they have the link, EasyBib will cite it for them.) They now have a spreadsheet they can use when citing their sources. They can also share with you and you would have their list as well.

Here is an example: http://bit.ly/1TvSuc5

As I said above, there are so many ways to use these forms to help make your life easier. Don’t forget if you want to learn more, feel free to contact Amanda or Channon for more information. If you use Google Forms in a cool way, we would love to hear about it! Leave us a comment below!

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Amanda Dykes is one of the Instructional Technology Coaches for Jefferson County

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  1. MsChunn

    I am currently using Google Forms to have my students keep track of a how much work they get done each day on a long-term project. But I’d like to be able to give each student an updating chart of their progress but they are currently all using the same form. Is there a way to split each child’s info off and give them access to their work, and only their work, each week?

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