5 Ideas for Using Google Docs in Your Classroom

I feel like we spend so much time learning the “how to” with Google Docs that we never get to focus on the “what.” Today I am going to list 5 ideas that you can use Google Docs with your students. Either for a project or with the entire class. I have links to examples. If you want to use the examples, click the link and “make a copy” to get your own template.

Interactive Poster
Have students show what they have learned in a poster! You can make them a template and push out a copy to every student with Google Classroom or you can have each start with a blank slate.

Here is an example of a poster about Thomas Jefferson’s Political Career:

Here is a Science Poster Presentation. Students could add links to pictures and videos:

Fill In Graphic Organizer
Have students fill in a graphic organizer for an activity

Comic Books
Have students take pictures and using “drawing tool” inside of the doc, make speech bubbles.

Newspaper Template
Not only can students use the template to make a newspaper, but since it is a shared document, groups can type into one document and proof read each other’s work.

Recipe Cards
While teaching students fractions, have them take a recipe and cut it in half. Next, put the new recipe in on the recipe card.

These are just a few suggestions of ways to use Docs for something other than writing papers! If you are doing something new and creative, let us know is the comment section!

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Amanda Dykes is one of the Instructional Technology Coaches for Jefferson County

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